Amanita musicalia is a sound reactive sculpture that began as a collaboration in 2016. The piece takes the form of an 8 foot tall, 8 foot diameter amanita mushroom with translucent gills which scatter light from over 900 LED's hidden in the cap. An integrated microphone picks up nearby sounds which are spectrally decomposed and then visualized as ripples on 16 frequency bands, using technology borrowed from the Soundpuddle project. Amanita has been installed at the Firefly Arts Festival, Figment Boston, Brooklyn Boulders, and other events in the Boston area.

Collaborators: Jason Livingston, Carly Nix, Bethany Berkowitz

  Amanita musicalia  at Firefly 2016 (photo by Perry Hung)

Amanita musicalia at Firefly 2016 (photo by Perry Hung)

At a Brooklyn Boulders Somerville Artistry event (Photo by Carly Nix)